Plane Crash At The Twin Bridges

  • I'm at Thomas and Allen's house with August, Tish, and Thomas. Thomas's mood is highly exhaggerated--he's at his most crass and physically aggressive. August, Tish and I leave for Tish's house, partly to escape Thomas. We walk outside and get in their car but Thomas comes out of the house after us and gets in his own car. As we pull away Thomas chases us. I become Tish's body driving the car, now fully aware that this is a dream. With this in mind I have no fear for Thomas's safety as I light-heartedly crash into his car as hard as I can. It sails over the neighbor's house and explodes loudly. I know he'll be alright. As we drive to Tish's, August converses with me from the passenger seat. We talk about lucid dreams and comment on the fact that it's easier to alter existing dream objects than manifest entirely new ones. As an experiment, I peel open a plastic-wrapped cookie and hold it between both hands. As I draw my hands slowly apart with facing palms, the cookie floats stationary in the air. When I draw my hands further apart the cookie dissipates into a cloud of crumbs in synch with my gesture. I then bring my hands back towards each other and the cookie magically reintegrates into a whole object. To contrast with this feat of object manipulation, I hold out an empty hand and unsuccessfully attempt to will a new cookie into existence. The experiment confirms our hypothesis. When we arrive at Tish's, I sit on the floor and look at all the framed photographs and paintings that literally cover the walls. We talk more of dreams and pass the pipe around.

  • I've just boarded a 747 jet plane, though the interior has the size and layout of a car. I sit in the co-pilot's seat to the right of the pilot. A car dashboard wraps around in front of us with a pilot's control stick instead of a steering wheel. Immediately behind us sit the two or three female passengers. Even as we speed down the runway for take off I can tell that this pilot is insanely under-experienced and reckless. Seconds after we leave the ground he has to swerves in order to miss a mountain. Moments later he flies under a freeway overpass. The women behind us make strangled comments. The pilot tells me he wants to crash the plane and I ask him if he's sure. From the beginning of this experience I've been lucid and so have no fear of death or anything. I only ponder in the inconvenience of having to leave my body. We approach the Golden Gate Bridge from the south and I see that it's actually two twin suspension bridges running parallel. Now I'm in the pilot's body, guiding the plane down. I aim us right into the sea water between the bridges and we come down with a fantastic splash. Daylight is replaced by underwater darkness. I consider the idea of swimming back to the surface and ask if there's an escape hatch. He tells me no. Deciding to avoid the hassle, I will myself elsewhere and appear on a nearby mountainside overlooking the bridges and San Francisco Bay. There's some strange machinery nearby and a transparent glass wall standing freely. Feeling that there is an unseen adversary to overcome, I manipulate the controls and cause massive changes in the dream landscape. All I recall from this point on is drifting up into the sky to join a flowing river of sunset-colored clouds.