Highly Creative

  • As I slip into black unconsciousness, I get a funny feeling: I suddenly realize I'm slipping into black unconsciousness, realize I have no body, realize there is no I. There is only this realization that exists, not floating, not lying, not seeing, not blind. A touch of paranoia hits, very similar to an intense marijuana high. Then nothing.

  • With two of my friends, I am in a strange land. I can tell that I am under the influence of some chemical, but I don't know what it is and I don't remember taking anything. The world becomes like a cartoon, buildings and plants painted by a blind man. Right angles bending, flat surfaces warping. I think, this will wear off soon. But it only gets more and more intense until there is nothing left to remember.

  • An indescribable experience. I am given the task of creating an internally consistent universe, complete with a logic, a physics, a language, a motivation, an Eschaton. I can recall nothing about it upon awakening besides these meta-principles because it would not make any sense inside this universe. It all fades away into morning sunlight.