Bay Ferry, Grandma Marble, Chronic Archaeology

  • Middle of the night and I'm driving North with friends, towards the Golden Gate Bridge. My girlfriend is in the driver's seat but I do most of the driving from the passenger seat. She doesn't seem to mind me being a literal back seat driver. Instead of crossing the bridge we take an old ferry. There's a gorgeous view of city lights from the bow of the boat. They twinkle across the dark hillside, dirty stars. My high school choir sings from the upper deck. My friend, Allen, is mesmerized by lights and music and, speechless, is overcome by a perfect moment. A choir girl falls from the upper story and I catch her in my arms as a phone rings. We arrive on the far shore. Dream ends.

  • My grandmother's apartment where everything is made of marble. I run my fingers along a piano; every key is the same color of marbled amber.

  • As part of an archaeological team, I scour through a stone-covered beach, looking for man-made artifacts. I find a few things but gradually my friend and I work our way down the coastline until we come across three glass tubes half buried in the sand. Further digging reveals them to be 4 foot bongs. We knock on the door of a nearby house and an old man answers. He claims ownership of the "water pipes", explaining that his wife doesn't approve of his smoking habits. He invites us in and promptly packs a tiny glass pipe with reefer. I decide I shall use this altered state of consciousness to initiate a lucid dream. I close my eyes and attempt to meditate as a precursor to astral projection. Unfortunately, the man's wife appears and scolds all of us. My archaeological friends show up at the door, looking for us. We rejoin them and say goodbye to the man. Dream ends.