Sci-Fi Split

  • I'm part of a group that has rediscovered an old spaceship that crashed into our planet many years ago. When we finally get inside we are attacked, one by one, by a guard robot that looks like a huge mechanical dog (reminiscent of the guard robot dogs from Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash). I am the only one to survive because I play dead. Apparently, that's the proper behavior and the robot bows before me and gives me complete control over the ship. In fact, I am ordained as the new master of the ship, prince of the guards and android servants that appear from every direction. We take off and zoom into hyperspace.

  • On another planet, I (not the same I) have discovered an old spaceship and don't know how I should approach it. An identical ship descends from the sky and lands next to me. I am welcomed in by a prince and treated kindly by him and his servants. I ask about the other ship and he explains how I should go about dealing with the guard robot. He tells me that I'll be glad I followed his directions and gives me a sly smile. What a strange guy, that prince.