Frisbee Sex

  • I am in a large-scale paintball game where everyone has large .22 caliber rifles. The game is played out old fashioned battle-style, with two large groups advancing on each other. I've never played before and am extremely hesitant when I am forced to fire the first shot at point blank range. There's no paint so far as I can see, but at least the person doesn't fall over dead.

    Afterwards, my friends and girlfriend pile into my car to go to a party. But first we have to drop off Allen, who is driving back to Santa Rosa with his parents. First I drop off the other guys at the party then drive to where Allen's parents are with him and my SO. For some reason they're not there at the moment so we decide to visit my friend Roberto.

    We arrive at his white, country home which has no cement driveway. I am directed by Roberto and his father to drive all the way around the house once and park in the dirt near a pile of sand. Inside, we are introduced to two of Roberto's friends and two girls from UCSC, one whose nickname is Stevenson (presumably because she lives at Stevenson College. We stand around in his room for a while until one of the guy's puts on Little One by Herbie Hancock in the next room. We all go in to listen. I ask the guy and confirm that it's the Miles Davis Quintet of the mid-Sixties. My SO is apparently napping on the floor. I'm standing against the wall listening to the tunes as Stevenson begins to get very friendly. She whispers something in my ear then kisses me on the lips. Then she goes so far as to bend down and "accidently" touch her forehead against my crotch. I laugh out loud at the brashness of this girl.

    Soon after, Allen has talked to his parents on the phone and is not going with them now. We say goodbye and leave Roberto's for the party. It turns out to be quite a large gathering at a park. There is a big tented area covering a stage and seats. I look for my friends, passing guys passing a football back and forth. I keep walking and see a disc golf frisbee on the ground near a fence. I pick it up and look around, seeing another disc flying in my direction. I replace the frisbee and walk towards the group of guys I now see. Once there, they say the party sucks and they want to drive somewhere else. Fuck these guys. I'm fed up with the whole operation and turn to my SO. A fountain of love rises up inside of me. We topple over as I wrap my arms around her, kissing her neck. We hug and kiss in the grass, me on top of her, for the last moments of the dream.