I Am Alive

  • At an airport with my dad, step-mom and step-siblings. We're waiting for our departing flight to board. We're standing near a bar and I decide to get a drink. My dad comes with me and we peruse the selection. Dad takes a look at a bottle of a very expensive liquor. I realize I don't want a drink but I would like a smoke. Since cannabis was recently decriminalized, I buy a bowl of Northern Lights from the bartender who hands me a large, wooden pipe that has a curious folding mechanism. Dad and I sit a bit and smoke. We both get a little twisted and he makes some ambiguous comments about the "big surprise" I'm in for when he passes away. He referred to dying as "waking up from the dream", though I knew what he meant. I return the pipe to the bar and overhear snippets of conversation from my step-siblings behind me: "...Terence McKenna...necronomicon...eschaton..."

  • Between dreams -- hearing a voice. My own? "Alive. I am alive."

  • I visit my friend Thomas after buying a new jazz cd. His father has recently added a second story to the house and I go up the new stairs to check it out. There's a couch, a bedroom and a refrigerator. I suggest listening to some music as I pull my new cd out of the bag. Thomas agrees and puts on Red Hot Chili Peppers. Oh well. Thomas asks me if I've visited a website he told me about. I say no and asked him if he got the /msg I sent him on Everything2. Nope.

  • Between dreaming and waking -- my voice clearly repeating like a man practicing speech -- "...alive. I am alive...."