War, Large And Small

  • In the quad of Benjamin F. Porter College at UC Santa Cruz, the soldiers are huddled on either side of the battlefield, preparing for a food fight on the scale of a small medieval war (and in the style of same). Declining to join in the festivities, I take a seat as spectator. The shit goes down quick and I'm left on the edge of the trashed landscaping. Getting up, I walk to the other side where my friend Mario has a girl named Chrissy asleep in his lap. He looks up at me and tells me sincerely, "this is the whole reason I am here." He bends down and kisses her affectionately on the forehead. I walk out towards the Hungry Slug Cafe and pass a red-headed guy named Tom who comes storming back the other way a moment later in a rage. I begin to play with some of the trash, like tortillas and dining hall trays. A spontaneous group freestyle frisbee and contact juggling jam starts up using the trash as material. I am impressed with my ability. Dream ends.

  • The Cold War never ended. It's Colder now in 2000 than it ever was before. The recession has turned into another Depression, and I, my friends, and a Winnebago have turned to the highways instead of university for our educations. At the moment we are visiting our enrolled friends at UC Santa Cruz, lounging in the quad and tossing frisbee. Later on we drive out to a huge field outside of town to play a game of hot box. As we play, my father and step-mom show up to join us, as well as an old long-haired man who looks like a combination between Thom Merrilin (from The Wheel Of Time) and Terence McKenna. After a great game, we drive back to Benjamin F. Porter College and are just sitting down when we hear that the United States has just declared war against the USSR as the Soviet Union has just mounted a land invasion near Santa Cruz. All the power goes out and we stand dumb as a battalion of soldiers streams across the far hillside, traveling East. Dream Ends.