Dream Deja Vu

  • It's a sunny day and I'm standing in the cool shade by a country dirt road that runs along the edge of a small river gorge below. I listen to the sound of the water running over the rocks as I stand quietly, thumbing for a ride. Soon enough an old-fashioned truck picks me up and the driver is my good friend and teacher, Lloyd. As we drive, we talk. And as we talk, Lloyd changes into somebody else. I wake up from shock.

  • With Mario, Allen and others by a river gorge at night. As we walk to the edge I get deja vu and remember the place from previous dreams. This triggers the dream to become a lucid dream. I rise into the air and fly up over the dark water of the river. My friends are impressed and I tell Allen to light me up with his laser pointer. I land on the other side of the river and recognize the same spot I had been hitckhiking from. I turn night into day.

    Once again, Lloyd picks me up. I explain the situation, putting it out in the open: This is a dream. I don't want to wake up. Please don't change into someone else because it disturbed me last time. It works and we soon arrive at an outdoor marketplace. I walk around a bit and then wake up.

    Or think I do, anyway. I'm in my living room at home with my girlfriend, Genery. My mother is there too and she puts some old home video into the VCR to embarass me.