Open-Hearted Campus Stroll

  • I've come to my car in the Porter College parking lot to retrieve some item. I get out again, lock and close the door. My only covering is a pair of Teva sandals--I am in the nude and happy to be that way. However, as I walk away I take in the falling dusk light and chilling air and reconsider. After going back for a pair of shorts I hesitate again before ending up with shoes, shorts and a t-shirt.

    When I walk into the quad of Benjamin F. Porter College at UC Santa Cruz, every leaf, stone, bird, bee, face, word, cigarette butt, and miscellaneous photon is noted consciously by my eye and a blessing of love thereupon bestowed. My face projects a permanent smile and my heart chakra beams out through space to each living thing like a lighthouse beacon. I encounter friends and acquaintances from the present, near and distant past--to these assembled faces of my life I give smiles and hugs. I meet my dear friends August and Tish and embrace them lovingly. Now I pull out my tiny digital voice recorder (on which I am recording this dream upon awaking) and begin to broadcast a tinny soundtrack of groovy bass lines and a funky brass horn arrangement. After passing to the East of Porter, under "A building", I run into my friends Ali, Amy and Nicole. I hug them all. While hugging Nicole she says something about kissing my girlfriend, Genery, and I look at Nicole and give her a big kiss on the lips. We all continue on the forested path of the UCSC campus, North towards Kresge College. Along the way I notice that the hillside on the right side of the path, which normally slopes down to a ravine, has now at intervals been cut away into a vertical drop of ten feet or so, ending at a lowered garden. Ali falls sometimes off the ledge as we make our way North. The sound of loud hip hop music announces the presence of a party in an apartment we arrive at. I enter the front door and see two people from my elementary school: Jessica Gavia and Meghann Welsh. Jessica says that the dancing just stopped the moment before when everybody migrated out back. I hear the raucous noise of college kids partying. I hug both women and sit on the couch next to Meghann. Jessica asks if I'll dance with her if the dancing starts up again and I tell her I will. The bass beats in the room next door as I lean on Meghann's shoulder and converse pleasantly with her.