Bakery Abduction & Samurai Escape

  • I'm walking along a sidewalk, passing by a bakery, when I'm suddenly dealt a blow to the head that knocks me to the ground. I stand up, rubbing my cranium, and puzzle at what hit me. I look through the large windows to my left, into the darkened interior of the bakery's kitchen. As I watch, a blue light begins to shine out at the passing people. Many stop to gape as openings appear in recesses along the far wall, spilling bright white light onto the crowd. Human bodies slowly drift through the openings and out into the room. They appear as silhouettes before the blazing light. A collective gasp erupts from the staring crowd.

  • I am in a Japanese animation movie. I'm a master warrior-yogi who has been captured by the enemy. I awaken in the courtyard on the roof of the enemy compound. It is late morning and the sun shines hot upon the bleached cobblestones. My wrists are bound behind my back with thick ropes to a fountain at one end of the courtyard. Guards laugh at me from across the way as I shake unconsciousness from my brain. I can feel the dull ache in the back of my head from being struck there during my ambush and capture. Quelling emotions of hate and fear, my mind becomes a serene, unfettered surface. Physical energy flows into my body from the cosmic source through the interface of the medulla oblongata. I am instantly fully awake, alert, and charged.

    In one fluid motion I somersault backwards, slice neatly through the ropes along a sharp edge beneath the edge of the fountain, and come to rest standing atop the fountain's wide basin. I turn and dash down the stone stairs toward the compound wall. Without breaking stride I leap across the grassy space between the roof's edge and the high stone wall. As I sail through the air I see children playing in the garden below and hear their laughter echoing between the walls.

    I fall the two stories to the ground outside the fortress. Immediately I dash into the forest as already I can hear the shouts of alarm behind me. Mounted archers are soon chasing after me through the wooded brush. As arrows zip toward me, I maneuver in order to keep trees between me and their deadly points. As the horsemen draw nearer, I affirm to myself that I have no fear of death and that if this is my final moment, I have nothing but unconditional love in my heart, for these dashing boots, those towering green trees, the flying arrows, the sweating horses, the mad archers, and those children laughing in the bright rose garden.