Transdimensional Pursuit

  • Somehow I acquire a transdimensional traveling device. It looks like a cell phone and when I punch in a digit address, I am suddenly elsewhere. I also discover that the device doubles as an energy weapon. After jumping around between universes for awhile, I encounter an extradimensional alien who isn't very happy to see me and in fact decides to hunt me down and kill me. Apparently it can travel between dimensions as well. I try to escape by jumping into random dimensions but I underestimate the determination of this being; it divides and multiplies like an amoeba, repeating the process repeatedly and sending its offspring out in an exponential search algorithm. I am hunted from universe to universe, fending off pursuing aliens as I go with my rather weak weapon. Eventually I tire of the whole game and flick in to where the mother alien is.

    "I will assimilate you!"

    "That's right, bitch ass. Go ahead and eat me."