Digital Domain

  • In the near future, humanity has discarded the slow, data-blind biological body for the immortal photon-bodies of digitally conscious human being emulators.

    After the practice of connecting every newly manufactured object to world-spanning information network became standard and after digital connections were at last made with the remaining "legacy matter" (including the human brain), cyberspace inevitably surpassed phyical reality in information density. In what was later called "The Six Minute Revolution", every paradigm in the human system suddenly shifted drastically to the left.

    I and my associates live on a virtual island in a virtual sea. We travel around a room by pointing in that direction. We travel around the planet by pointing in that direction. I remember a few melodramatic scenes: being trapped underground in the island with my friend and waiting for someone to free us. A man's son returns home after a long falling out in the family. When he suddenly appears from the sky, he and his brother get in a fistfight having not recognized each other. After some tense words with the father, the son introduces his wife and children. I beam myself elsewhere and find myself in front of a large museum-like building. I enter the dark interior.