Mononoke Wheel Of Time

  • This is the climax and conclusion to a non-existent book in the Wheel Of Time series. I and one other must surprise and kill the group of darkfriends who are camped in the forest we are stalking through. They have in their possession an artifact of unbelievable power which allows them to control certain animals of the forest by turning them into demons (i.e. the demons of Princess Mononoke). We find their camp and attack. Despite our advantage of surprise we are far out-numbered. They drive us back into the woods and use the talisman to call an enormous boar demon to attack us. It's the size of VW bus and chases us through the trees. The monkeys that live there help us by throwing stones down at the beast but it does little good. We're able to cripple the demon by cutting one of its legs off but this becomes a turn for the worst. The spectating darkfriends escape but before they do they send so much evil energy into the boar that it turns into a time bomb. The monkeys help us up into a tall tree as the boar's body explodes outward in an avalanche of fire and lava. We barely escape the heat, perched high in an ancient tree.