Graduation Karmic Clean Up

  • I am graduating from college after just slipping through a serious bout of senioritis. Now I'm cleaning out my two big lockers in which I've stored stuff over the years (lockers in college?). On my right in this row are the two people I knew best when arriving as a freshman since we went to the same high school: my ex-girlfriend Radha and her roommate Meghann. I don't speak much to Radha, which isn't surprising since we haven't shared more than a few words in the past two years. But Meghann is my friend and we laugh at old memories and the strange stuff we pull out of our lockers. I find clothes I've never worn and CDs I've never listened to. On my left in my friend Adam, who I've known since the beginnings of consciousness in a montessori preschool. I hand him one of the CDs I find in my locker and he puts it in the stereo he has: Jazzanova. Meghann's mom and step-dad come to retrieve her stuff and I say hello to them. It's strange how I feel nervous about the future but at the same time refreshed to be cleaning out all this old junk that I have no use for. Simplifying my life and mind is perhaps the most fulfilling activity I know.