DMT Flight Failure

  • I'm standing in the quad next to the flag pole of my elementary school; on one side is a grassy slope and cement bleachers on the other. It becomes a lucid dream and I look at my hands and wiggle my fingers in order to hold onto the awareness. I decide that I want to fly but there are doubts in my head and all of my attempts fail. Though quite aware that my failure is a result of my doubts, I can't seem to gather enough will power to keep myself aloft. Remembering that flying is easier for me when I jump from a high place, I go up to the roof that overlooks the quad. There I meet a bunch of people sitting in lawn chairs and smoking something. I ask someone what it is and she says, "DMT. You want some?" Of course I do. Since it's still a lucid dream, I wonder about what the dream-simulated psychedelic effects are going to be since I've never actually smoked DMT before. Someone freebases the fine white powder for me on a sheet of aluminum foil and I inhale it through a straw. It just gets me stoned and the lucidity disperses as I forget about my flying plans and return to the quad. There I meet my friend's girlfriend, Nicole. The dream fades away on two simultaneous visions: A love scene with Nicole; putting on a black condom.