Frisbee, Sushi, Horses

  • August, Allen and I arrive at a large city park at night, mostly grassy lawn run through with cement pathways and the occasional walnut tree. We begin to toss a big ring frisbee around, similar to an aerobie except bigger. As time goes on, the sky brightens until it is full daylight. Over the course of our game we've slowly been shifting towards the far side of the park. There we find a picnic starting up with our friends and families. I'm given a basket of sliced avocado, egg, tomato and tofu along with steamed rice to make sushi. I work diligently while talking to my mom and my friends. There's another picnic table a few feet away where another group is eating. As I'm compiling sushi, I see a fully-grown horse soar high up into the air, maybe fifty feet, coming from the direction of that table towards ours. It makes a smooth parabolic curve and returns to Earth in the grass between the two tables. I comment on it and we watch as it happens again. I finish the sushi and we start to eat.