Elvis Meets Stash

  • I'm staying with my girlfriend, Genery, in a posh hotel in downtown San Francisco. We get dressed up and go down to the fancy restaurant on the first floor. Our intention is to get blitzed over dinner on red wine. After a couple of bottles, the waiter asks us if we've been invited to the party on the mezzanine. I lie and say we have. He asks to see the invitation and I concentrate my lucid dreaming powers (read 'use The Force'), reach into my pocket and hand him a little laminated card. He accepts it and leads us up the stairs to the party. It turns out to be a music show as there are rows of chairs facing an area with a band. We sit and soon enough Elvis appears amid much hooting and hollering. He sings a few numbers but mostly dances. Then he asks me to dance up there too because he's "seen my groovy moves". I oblige him and summarily upstage him.

    Later on the hotel is bombed by F-15s and we escape on the back of a fire truck.