Fly To The Mountain

  • An old man with a lemur and shamanic tendencies gives me riddles. He gets me to solve dream puzzles by moving my body in very precise gestures and performing certain actions like running up and down stairs, climbing on a roof, and spinning around. I implore him as to what it's all about, but he's mischievous. After awhile, I am released, and I try to fly away up towards the mountain that overlooks the landscape. It reminds me of the hills behind my house in Santa Rosa.

  • Now I'm there at my house, flying around the cul-de-sac while my friends run around. Will Smith is there and I chase him into his house (my house actually). Again I try to fly to the mountain but don't make it.

  • Sitting on the curb near my house, smoking reefer with friends. We get the tip that the cops are coming so I walk innocently down the my neighbor, Michael's, long driveway then hop the fence after the cops pass. I fly up over the neighborhood and down into the trees surrounding the creek. The cops are in there and I bop them on the head.

  • A high school field trip about careers. I miss the one about Artificial Intelligence so I go along on a generic one. Walking up spiral stairs. I'm supposed to meet everybody at the beach since I'm driving myself, but I get lost and end up at some beach I've never been to. It's a wide, white sand beach on what looks like San Francisco Bay. There are crowds of people out lounging under the sun, tossing beach balls, throwing frisbee. The beach goes from the water far back inland to a residential road. I park in front of a condo along the street and cross to the sand. Everyone I see is now playing a musical instrument. Beautiful sparkling blue water and white, white sand. Then all my fellow students and teachers arrive. They put on a graduation ceremony of sorts: we all gather around a little circular kiddie pool and put paper cups floating in the water. We are doing a lottery by seeing who picks the odd numbered cup. Everyone's cup is numbered 9, which I take to repeating over and over like in the Beatles' "Revolution 9": "Number nine, number nine, number nine..." Finally someone draws the #1, a girl I know named Elizabeth Sayed. We look into the pool to see whose cup has the most water in it. I grab mine back and take a swig. Ah, it's a beautiful day.