Lucid Wedding

  • Along with my dad and step-family, I'm staying in a large, up-scale house which we've rented as the site for a wedding tomorrow. I have a large room all to myself with a door to the back yard. But I'm supposed to help with all the setting up that's required before the big event tomorrow: moving furniture, hanging decorations, etc. I tire of this quickly and feel unmotivated, especially when I realize I don't know who's getting married. I go to my room and close the door, with the intention of taking a shower. As I walk towards the large bathroom, I see two figures walking across the back lawn: my friends Tish and August. They're carrying large backpacks and have apparently just returned from their four month trip to Uruguay. I greet them warmly at the back door and invite them in. They set down their stuff and we talk for a while about their trip. My dad appears and asks us to help him move an upright piano against a wall. August and I do it and then my dad starts talking to me about more preparations. I manage to break away and head back to my room for that much needed shower, locking the door behind me. When I enter the large bathroom I see Tish and August are already using the very large shower. I ask if I can join them and strip down to my birthday suit. We wash ourselves up and then grab some big fluffy towels. The complex manipulation of the towel with my hands triggers a lucid dream. I drop the towel and tell them that we're dreaming. I teach Tish the technique of looking at her hands as she wiggles her fingers. The technique serves a dual-purpose: exerting willful control over the dream reality increases lucidity; and the complex physical movement keeps one grounded in the dream body to prevent awakening.

    I've already taught August the trick and we're all wiggling our fingers as a young man in a tuxedo appears at the bathroom door. He asks us to come help again. By this time I am beyond the mundane and I raise my hand towards the man and attempt to will him into non-existence. My lucid powers are weak right now, for some reason, and he just flickers. I decide to take flight and so the three of us, still naked, run into the back yard. I fly into the air and realize a few seconds later that the other two aren't with me anymore. Perhaps they can't fly in dreams yet? Or maybe they flew off somewhere else. I have fun being pursued by men in tuxedos around the small European town we're staying in. After a while I get bored and follow a small dog back to the house. There I am greeted with the tail-end of the wedding reception and I grub some tasty food before waking up.