Game, Gas, Green, Levitation

  • Programming a game using genetic algorithms.

  • All the gas stations in town have doubled their prices and I'm stranded and starving at the local 7-11 which has become a gas station. I don't have enough money for a decent amount of gas and some food so I'm mightily irritated. I denounce the corporate establishment, oil companies and capitalism in general. Fuck the man! I borrow two dollars from a lady who works there and buy a garden burger.

  • Walking a path along a coastal embankment, I run into Tom Green. He's messing with people as usual, except he's getting a little more intense. We walk into a restaurant and he accuses the proprietor of cumming in the wine. An old waitress removes the wine from the cabinet as Tom Green slyly jizzes in the Goldschlager and serves it to someone. I watch him start a fight between two enormous muscle-men and they proceed to maul each other to near-death.

  • I'm standing on the street in San Jose, California, talking on a pay phone with some Silicon Valley technologist. He asks for my location and I tell him, somehow knowing what's about to happen. Omnisciently I see him in his office building as his office suddenly projects out of the structure like a telescoping appendage, and stretches up into the air, hanging a 90 degree turn and extending out across the city toward me. Back in my body, I see the infinitely-stretchable hallway/appendage bring his office right there next to me on the sidewalk. "Fuck teleportation," he says. I enter his office, along with some passersby who want to know what's going on. We zoom elsewhere, actually going inside another building. The office is gone now and we all are merely levitating along as a group. The guy has gone evil, it seems and is intent on taking over the world with his technology. He suddenly throws the controls aside and demonstrates that they're just for show; he is really causing the levitation. The scene goes on with many sudden appearances of dream characters claiming the same power. More men in business suits. One of the muscle-men from the Tom Green dream. C-3PO. A sasquatch. Dream ends. I realize this last scene was the cue for me to become lucid and show everyone my own powers of levitation and reality control.