Salvia Premonitions

  • I experience many different short dreams in various locations--on the beach, in the forest, on an airplane, many dorm rooms--with different combinations of friends and strangers. The common theme that runs through all of them is the fact that Salvia divinorum always appears--usually a friend pulls it out and offers it to the group. Inevitably, we end up smoking it. As soon as I feel the effects, I am in another dream in another place with different people. Then someone brings out the Salvia...
    This was the night before my first Salvia trip, though I didn't know it at the time.

  • At some university, I enter a large lecture hall where class is about to start and sit down near the back. I see my friend Steffany several rows in front of me so I leap gracefully the twenty feet distance into the seat next to her. After saying hello I leave the hall. Outside there's a karate class in session. By this time I am lucid and decide to play around. I lie down on the ground and ask the sensei to attack me so I can practice my ground defense. Despite his efforts, I block all the attacks easily. I stand up and run towards a balcony which overlooks a swimming pool. Leaping over the railing I dive into the water. As I reach the very bottom of the pool I suddenly appear ten feet above the surface and plunge in again. This repeats over and over while I have a vision of Tom Hanks in Castaway, a film I never saw.

  • Amidst a high tech conspiracy, I infiltrate deep into a corporation's headquarters, heading for their top secret invention behind many levels of security. My mission is to discover just what the invention is. I reach the place and find it: a simple-looking metal storage shed. When I walk through the little door I discover it's empty. However, when I turn and exit the shed I am quite suddenly in the front lobby. It's a teleportation device. I sprint out the front doors as uniformed men chase after.