Fear & Sex By The Sea

  • My friend Adam and I come to the coastline with the intention of climbing down among the rocks and along the cliffs. There's a particular spot we want to reach, out on a tiny peninsula among wind-beaten conifers. To get there you have to get past one treacherous spot: shimmying along a narrow strip of rock with your belly against the cliff face and the surf roaring beneath you, until the top of the rock wall slopes down to chest level and you can climb up from that position to safety. We come to that point and Adam passes with no problem. I'm confident myself since I've done it before without a hitch (in previous dreams that night). I carefully slide along the wall and the pounding waves are deafening in my ears. Taking a quick glance downward I see the bed of jagged rocks and whirlpools far below which would receive my body if I slipped. Certain death. Turning my attention back I come to the end of the ledge and make a grab for the top of the rock. Somehow I get into a position of extreme disequalibrium, both hands and feet barely clinging to smooth rounded surfaces with no hold. I go into a state of panic--the death-fear burning in my stomach and the sound of the surf rising to an unbearable level. Through my tears, I shout to Adam for help and it takes a couple of tries to pull me up out of there. Sitting atop the bluff, panting like a scared animal, I calm myself down. We continue on and I become myself again, happy walking through the trees and listening to the sea.

  • I have memory of two more dreams from this night, both of them involving sexual intercourse. The first takes place in a house near the same peninsula, upstairs with an imaginary girl. I'm on the verge of climax when I become aware of my physical body lying alone in bed, making small pelvic thrusts and repeatedly tensing and relaxing my sphincter. I wake up and laugh a little, then return to sleep.

  • In the second one, I'm working in some kind of amusement park built by the ocean, and for some reason it's my job to initiate this teenaged girl (with the permission of her overseeing mother) in the sexual arts. The setting for this is a three-level platform, each level about two by three meters, perched on the very edge of the ocean. Strangely, part of the initiation is that the sun and moon fly across the sky like a timelapse movie so that 24 hours passes in about twenty minutes--our sex must take place only within the timeframe from sunrise to sunset. It takes a while to get set up so we don't make it on the first try. On the second go-around we climb to the top level of the platform and get it on. We both come right at sunset. Something happens then as a giant Protean beast breaks the surface of the sea, its black skin course and asymmetrical like coral. From a third-person perspective I see the girl and I raised up on its head as she screams about the "snake master". I know it's all just part of the show...