Clumsy Games

  • It's a sci-fi game of life or death inside a building-sized sphere. With two or three of my friends, we are trapped inside this thing, a puzzle to be solved suspended at the edge of a cliff hundreds of feet above the moon-lit waters of a pounding ocean. Glowing lights of various colors light up the interior faintly. The transparent walls of the sphere let in the stark, black images of the surf as well as the crashing sound of waves against rock.

  • With my friend Allen and others, we return to our on-campus apartment after a day's classes. A few guys sit out on the porch while Allen and I enter the kitchen. I carry a water pitcher towards the front door but spill a lot of it on the floor. As I lay down a towel, Allen tells me it's cool and See how much water he spilled too?

  • Later on I'm back in a class, working on a multimedia web project. Other students in the class are people from my past: Radha, Meghann, Chris Freem, Lisa Harman, et al. My workstation locks up and so I switch to the one next to me. When I can't figure out why my files don't look right, Lisa points out to me that my workstation is logged in as someone else. I apologize to the guy (Chris) whose station it was, and undo all my work.