Akira's Lesson

After watching the newly-dubbed English version of Akira on DVD.

  • Lying in bed for some hours, swinging between waking and hypnogogia, I observe subtle energy currents flow throughout my body but especially in my spine and head. At times my body feels weightless, at others, filled with tingling liquid. I envision my astral body leaving my physical body in various ways: floating gently upwards as if to the surface of a pool, yanked out the top of my head like climbing a rope, falling through the bed into the Earth. When sleep at last arrives, this playing with body awareness continues within another context.

  • I am Tetsuo from the film, Akira, except I don't have any of the negative emotional neuroses that plague the character. Playing with my newly acquired powers, I am able to insert my consciousness into any object I choose, living or inanimate. Awareness is like a fluid, easily grown, shrunk and poured into any container, material or otherwise. The experiment I remember best resembles the violent growth of Tetsuo towards the end of the film: my body expands to the size of a skyscraper, but my body-sense remains normal sized at the core of the physical hulk. It's just for fun, but it feels like I just became a victim of the grey goo scenario. The overarching lesson of this dream: the physical body is the condensation of subtle thought forms--choose your thoughts wisely or risk negative manifestations in your reality.