UU & Indian Betrothal

  • I'm in my father's house smoking pot with Tish, who's visiting me from up North. I have a little trouble using the small bong she hands me, but I get it working with her help. The building transforms into the Unitarian Universalist church I went to as a young child. I'm surrounded by elderly faces that I haven't seen in more than a decade. We're having a festive gathering with a potluck dinner and I call my friend Adam to invite him over. He had come here with his parents when we were 4 years old (a true memory which resurfaced because of this dream), so it's been a long time for him as well. I meet him outside and see the white powder snow covering everything under the scene lit only by stars and an amber streetlamp. Back inside, we are children again, darting among the forest of adults and grabbing cookies from glass dishes. There is another seamless transformation and now I am browsing along an old-fashioned line of shops during the day. The sidewalks and stores are all made of dark wood, reminiscent of old American Western towns. All the shops I am browsing sell hundreds of finely carved wooden figurines, icons and idols from every culture and religion imaginable. The scene fades gently back to the church and I am somehow now betrothed to a beautiful Indian girl. Now we are back inside one of the shops and my fiancee now combs through the shelves, taking every figure which features a man and woman in any kind of love act. One by one, she empties the store of love symbols while I watch unobtrusively. When she is through, she steps through a small portal between this store and its neighbor. I follow and observe as she continues the process in this store and next, never speaking a word but giving my shy smiles every once in a while.