Ghetto River & French Tour

  • Vallejo, California, on the bank of some inner-city river. We're just hanging out, smoking some herb and talking under a concrete bridge that spans the polluted water. I'm with my girlfriend and several others. There are two small offices there and the doors are open; so we just walk in and start hanging around. A couple of young kids, maybe 12 or 13, come along and join our group. Soon we get a call on the telephone. It's the cops. They're looking for a couple of young kids who have run off. They know they're there and they're on their way. I get a little paranoid but the man on the phone says they're not interested in anything else that's going on; just the kids. As soon as the cop car comes into view, the kids split.

  • Julie Delpy (from An American Werewolf In Paris, Killing Zoe and Three Colors: White) is visiting Santa Cruz from France and my friend calls me over to take her around and speak French with her. I don't speak very well anymore so she helps me along. It turns out she speaks English as well as I do. We walk down Pacific St. and look in the shop windows. At one point I consider making this a lucid dream, but I forget about it. Soon my girlfriend shows up and I'm a little embarassed at being so chummy with this lovely lady. By this time, she is holding my hand, which is something friends do in France. We all make plans to go to some bar and continue down Pacific. Someone tells me that someone left a video tape in the back of that taxi. I turn and see it as we walk by. Dream ends.
A cool thing about this dream was the fact that there were some things I had completely forgotten how to say in French, yet Julie was able to correct me perfectly.