Radha's Musical

  • I attend the opening night debut of a musical theatre production written by and starring my ex-girlfriend, Radha. My mother accompanies me and we have front row center seats. There's a lot of singing and dancing by a large cast. The songs tell stories so there's not much plot--sort of like A Chorus Line. Having known Radha for some years, it is obvious to me that the play is autobiographical. It recalls many aspects of her personality that I've forgotten since our break-up over three years ago. Primary themes include sanity, depression, family dysfunction, search for happiness, search for love, and free will over destiny. There's an upbeat, sarcastic song and dance about people calling her crazy and her own appropriation of the term as an identity of strength. The last song is about using her free will to choose a future of happiness over an historical trend of sadness. During this tune, the cast comes down into the audience dancing. One of the dancers approaches me and takes my hand for a quick swing dance. I suspect that I'm supposed to be surprised and let her lead me, but instead I remain very cool and confident as I lead her in a slow, steady swing with twirls and spins until I think I might be messing with the choreography and let her go. After the finale there's a standing ovation. In the lobby after the show, I tell Radha how much I enjoyed it and she tells me I almost messed with her choreography, but not quite.