Gender Switch & Escape

  • I am part of a group of people who have been captured for some unknown reason and taken prisoner. We are being kept in a large, brightly-lit circular room, with one half of the wall made of plexiglass to allow our captors to observe us. When we were captured I was myself, but now I am a female with long blonde hair. I decide that I am going to help my people escape by breaking the glass wall with my extraordinary power of will. I walk up to the wall and give it a hard kick. Nothing happens. I back away and visualize myself performing a flying side thrust kick against the wall, imagining my leg penetrating the surface. I run forward and leap into the air, jabbing my leg out at the glass--the upper half shatters and I find myself balancing with one hand on the jagged edge looking down towards the floor as my blood flows down through the branching glass cracks emanating from my palm. I yell for everyone to escape as I remain in this position, fascinated by the sight of the blood-red tree root-like pattern.