Lost Coast

  • I awake from a dream about my friends Allen and August. I've been sleeping in the grass by a sidewalk. I stand up and see an old friend, Nyeland, and wave to him. Behind him I see Allen and August walking along. I run over to them and tell them I was just dreaming about them. They invite me to come along with them on their backpacking trip to the Lost Coast in Humboldt County. We arrive on the black sand beach and, in a fit of excitement, drop our packs and run towards a tiny grotto on the edge of the water. Every few seconds a huge wave crashes into it, completely sweeping out the interior and making passage to the other side a dangerous feat. We can't see through the twisty passage to see if it's even possible to make it. August and Allen go for it while I hang back in hesitation. They don't come back and I give up in fear.

  • I watch through the back door as my mother accidently backs a tractor through the neighbor's fence and living room wall.

  • I follow a man around who is obsessed with bouncing a superball off every surface he sees.