Channeling Atlantis

  • After reading about the founding of Lemuria and Atlantis as explained by a being from the seventh dimension (channelled by a medium), I knew intuitively that my dreams would bring something interesting last night. Subjectively it felt as though I, myself, was channeling in the style of Edgar Cayce. At first I am disoriented, feeling as though my once-solid body has become a subtle cloud of gas. Blue sky-space stretches out in all directions. Slowly things come together until I am back on Earth, hundreds of thousands of years ago, and a member of a race of highly mental, highly spiritual people. Maybe I'm in Lemuria, maybe Atlantis. The next several hours are filled with visions of spiritual technology, mountains and buildings made of solid crystal. I remember next to nothing, it is all so overwhelming. Drifting awake this morning, I have numbers in my head: 8, 5, 6, 8, 5, 6... I a tripper or what?