They absorb the light that they see,
they enfold they who hide within their murky and misty depths.
They shelter,
they comfort,
they enfold and they protect.
They are shadows, deep and unyielding.

The night greys to dawn,
the world still unconscious in slumber deep,
her fingers of light do grace minds of worldly men,
whilst we dance among the shadows deep.

They mingle in amisdt the light,
early morning light now absorbed.

I am the shadow and the shadow is me,
we are the shadows and in them we dance,
Dance, dance, fly freer than a song,
until morning light greys to dawn.

When dawn doeth breaketh early morning's dark,
and Her fingers of light betray those of us who still dance,
we slip in amongst where they still do hide,
to dance forever in silence and song.
Among early morning shadow,
when dew turns leaves to clusters of crystaline emerald,
There amongst early mists do we dance.

In and out like stars at play,
we slip amongst her misty brew,
steam rising from the cauldron of the world,
in amongst her shadows do we dance.

I dance with shadows into whom I fly,
floating and mingling, we are as one.
Forever do I dance in silence, sadness and song,
forever weaving the cloth of time.

Time and trust are they which I weave,
our fingers forever intertwined around the hands of shadows.
Into their misty depths do I traverse,
never knowing what within shall I find.

Hold me, Lady of Shadow,
I am your Child,
you are my mother.
Breast of life, your skin like milk glass,
in thy arms of deep restful slumber do I lie.
When all the world is still unconscious,
men still not having awakened from their mortal dreams of

there in shadows, dew dripping from me,
there in shadows deep do I dance.

The sky now is of azure,
and deeper into comfort do I flee,
for facing daylight,
it is a poison,
for they who never sleep.

We who are doomed,
for time and all eternity,
to a cycle of sleepless and silent dance,
slowly and softly,
like lovers in love,
in shadows ever deep do we dance.

We are the shadows,
for the shadows are we,
forever weaving the hands of time.

Trust is fragile,
like mohair thread,
but still do we weave,
we cultivate, we comfort,
we hold,
we teach,
we comfort and trust those whom we seek.

Come! Come! Into midnight comforts fly!
Come with me into comfort deep
Come my child and dance with me!
Dance! Dance! I hold you near!

o' come! ye child of day!
and know the comfort that only night may bring.

I flitter in amongst silver stars,
I dance with the gods in their blessed beauty,
in all light that is absorbed,
there in comfort do I dance.

The trees reach their hands,
up beyond black velvet of night,
I dance beneath,
the shadow of their bodies,
forever holding hands,
with my partner whose face I do not know.
We, cloaked in mist, know not our faces,
but body and personality,
I know her well!

Come, Child, come to me!
Come dance within comfort deep!
Come, Child, enfold me!
Come with me,
to weave the warp and woof of time!

I am shadow,
clad in silk,
and in dew-dripping clothes do I dance.
I am timeless,
and shadows forever enfold me.

We dance at water's edge,
where reflections are hidden by darkness,
stars are hidden,
the rain pours,
and still I weave the cloth of time.

Oh Child,
weaver of the night,
into thy hands of comfort do I fall.
Oh, Child!
Come play!
Under sheets of satin
till grey morning's light!

Hold your shadow cloak around yourself,
come Child of Day,
learn what I teach,
learn the secrets of deep evening twilight.

Dark velvet enfolds us both,
as we dance among pearly mist,
our hands intertwined,
in an eternal dance,
our skin hot and sweet against the breeze of deepest eve

We run, we fly,
spinning through air,
we run, we dance,
across mirror water of perfect silvery glass.

Come and play in evenin's light,
come and play in misty light,
come to me under wings of dark,
come with and dance my dance,
I teach the steps,
I hold the hands,
I forever cloak you in silence,
I touch your face,
I feel your hair,
I teach secrets unknown to men.

Turn your face and self away,
from the harsh garish light of day,
turn inward to the inner side,
the side of dark and deep fear.
Turn yourself inside,
touch the hand of flame to the candle of desire,
let the flame fan high,
come join me in the mists,
for a dance we immortals dance.

And when the crystaline night doeth return,
from heavy shadows do we creep,
to dance in clearing dark and deep,
never to flee until azure graces the sky.

Once more the moon dapples us,
we move like wolves in silent song,
dancing within and living forever,
I am Immortal,
I am the Wind,
my heart is the Fire,
My blood is the Water,
and my cloak of shadows and mist is the earth.

Come o' child of day,
you who know naught what night doeth bring,
come child of the twilight,
come join me now in blessed night.