I took this stuff in high school, for only four weeks. It might have taken longer to work, but my father was an impatient person. Here's how I kept afloat, grade wise.

take it at night. The drowsiness is useful if one feature of your depression is insomnia.

Plan not to eat. I didn't eat much at all. I mostly subsisted on Carnation instant breakfast and vitamin pills, with the occasional coffee thrown in.

You won't care about anything. I was prescribed this for my extra short no time to burn fused temper. I'd blow up at the slightest thing, often breaking things and once or twice nearly somebody's face got rearranged. After about a week of this my father told the doc, who prescribed this. I didn't scream, cry, or carry on anymore. I just sat passively and smiled at nothing in particular.

Drinking with this med is a bad idea. My father gave me a small glass of sparkling white wine after dinner once because I was slightly hiper. I took it with my Zoloft and within ten minutes was literally unconscious on the couch. I woke up there the next morning, so I guess they simply covered me and left me there.

Don't bundle up, even if it's cold inside a room. Warmth makes you sleepy and that doesn't help when taking this. I literally slept through every class, even through lunch. There was no differentiating for me when what class was or where it was. I just sleepwalked to the next room and usually collapsed just inside the door.

Ladies, pay attention. You will have a hell of a time orgasming. I promise. Don't worry about it much.

Thanks for the space and time.