I take this particular drug. This is round four on it, and here are my personal notes:

1) don't plan anything for the next week. If like me you are or were somewhat small when you first began taking this drug, plan to spend the first week or two laid up in bed, barely moving to hit the can and maybe a handful of nomnoms. My grandmother said she had to force me to drink broth and sugar-laiden coffee, but I don't remember it.
2) prepare to have a heavy period. If you're female, prepare for cramps of a lifetime. And a constant period i'm at eight months and holding. Ugh.
3) forgetfulness, or switching words around. can't think of that word you're looking for? Why are those two words or letters transposed, yet they look right? Welcome to the wacky universe of side effects.
4) your hair may or may not fall out. Ugh. That is unpleasant, to say the least.