Not to get overly technical here, or anything...

Those of you who don't wash, shame on you. I don't care what your balls have been encased in. Human flesh is where germs breed. Even if you shower every morning.

Those of you who use your sleeves for the door, what happens with the sleeve when you get outside? It lies against your wrist all day. You rub your face, hold a baby, and you've got all the icky germs taking a stroll.

The only solution I can see is to wash your hands in whichever method you choose, (with/without paper towel mitts) and then use the Purell stuff. The washing isn't redundant in that it will remove any invisible grime from your hands. Then the waterless hand sanitizer kills the germs you may have picked up on your way out.

Truthfully, this node is virtually a direct quote from my sister, but she's not an Everythingian, and we share the same genes (the same jeans, too) so I don't think I've violated anyone's rights over here.
Hear, Hear, Seqram!