Yay is an understatement, I'm pretty sure.

I love getting mail from noders, (who doesn't?) and discofever mentioned he'd sent me something in reply to a postcard I sent a li'l bit ago. I didn't expect it to be a portrait, though, because I thought I'd specifically mentioned that the picture of myself that I'd used for a postcard was not one to be used for the portrait. (It's not one I'd present to someone for their first impressions.)

I'm glad Ken ignored/disregarded/misunderstood, because frankly, looking good can be plain boring, and 'sides, this thing he drew for me is infinitely better than any I'm going to ever get, for the simple reason that I don't think I'll be sneering at the next person I get to draw my portrait. And really, this shows so much that I rather like it.

He's good, better than me (which likely doesn't say much), service was prompt and the picture came packaged well, and it came with some words which was a nice plus, and now it's smack dab in the middle of the wall where I have tacked all my noder mail.

I dig it. Thanks.