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A chain of walk-in haircut stores throughout the United States.
They offer a range of services, from dry cut for $10 to a $30 wash, cut and style; coloring etc.

When founded in 1975, Supercuts offered a new service for the public, differing from traditional barber shops and beauty salons.

Their idea was to create a store where customers could get a quality haircut at a reasonable price, without the inconvenience of having to make an appointment. They also offered a 'menu' of services customers could choose from, pick and choose. Their stylists are required to produce a quality cut in 20 minutes, be licensed cosmetologists, and must be recertified every seven months.

Also new to the industry was their compensation policy. They were the first to provide stylists with regular salaries, as opposed to the commission basis. With every stylist following the same procedure, there was no longer any need for stylists to build their own personal clientele.

The first Supercuts store was opened in the fall of 1975 in Albany, California, and was an instant success. Today there are 1,192 Supercuts locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

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