Another day...

I am beginning to get tired of this. I wake up early so I can get out of the apartment as soon as possible. Hanging out there would even make the little yellow smiley man depressed. I get to work, dive into E2...Unfortunately, I use up my votes first thing in the morning. So I open some work-related screens.

After of getting virtually no work done all day, and verbal sparring with the client rep who's on my back, I can't leave soon enough. I should work, eh? I panic, I freak out, I freeze. I can't deal with my program not doing what I expect. I'm not sure what I even need to see when it's done.
I'm in way over my head and noone seems to notice.

I usuall leave the second the clock shows 5:00. I'm out the door. Only, today, I'm still here. It's 6:00 and I can't leave. I have a shiteload of work, as usual. I am out of excuses. I can't do anything more tonight, anyway, but regardless, I sit and mope.

I could probably go home.
I should, I mean. It's getting dark outside.
But no, I sit here because there's nothing to do in my apartment either. I know I will just eat everything in sight, then read/sing/cry myself to sleep.

Just another day. Don't mind me. I'm Invisible.