Bodies were made to fit together. I am not talking of sex, I am talking of the way friendly arms and legs and hands twine and find niches and tuck into each other like pieces of a puzzle.

We talk of creature comfort and tactile appreciation and monkey love. There are people who will touch things whenever they are presented. Hugging. Much of this is acceptable, expected in the realm of friendly human relationships.

It seems to me, sometimes, that given the right amount of time and the right sort of talk, the appropriate silences, the perfect measure of humanity, I will kiss anyone. Well, anyone I can talk to like that is not just anyone. Two heads bent closely together, someone's hair in their eyes, the right things for your hands to go around them, the natural thing for you to put your lips on theirs.

It is not about sex at all. Sometimes I get mad at myself, for misleading people. Sometimes I get mad at people, for misreading me. We are talking and fall into a comfortable friendly silence, and I kiss them, just because.

Just because. Because it is cold and they are warm, because they have stirred something, because you are already hugging, because bodies were made to fit together.