Oh god, and here we go again ...

I do still remember those first impressions. The real ones, after the one where I drew my breath in sharp. and. short. and. painful. awestruck. swooning. After that. When he started to talk. Remember? I didn't like his words much. I didn't like his words or his opinions or his sense of anything, but look at those ears! the hair! the nose! lips! teeth! tongue!

And he spins a good yarn, and he tweaks a good smile, and he knows a good time and he dresses pretty sharp. He laughs like it's the only thing left, and he works at my smile like he can chip away bitchiness and oh did I mention the dimples? The cowlick? The freckles?

Uhm, yeah, so I know this isn't good for me and it isn't anything I want and, yeah, it's not so much that I like him as a person, but can I get carried away for a bit? I remember all the real parts of him but Yes I think I'm going to let myself get carried away for a bit.

"Beautiful" is almost as misused as "Love", it is always so much easier to fall for the pretty ones, but I know it is just the hair lips beautiful face and nothing else. I know this. It's just he's so       pretty. Painfully perfect.