Well, uhm, okay. Not understudy. Backup story? The guy who was gonna provide my alias? Him. The guy who was gonna sit on my back burner because I wasn't really interested in him nor he in me but we found it easy to talk to each other. One of those.

So my best friend, Dee, has this brother, and he's sorta cute, and being as he's my friend's brother, I see him at any family function they have, right? Right.

A. and I had this joke going on - I'm not really looking for a long-term relationship/marriage, and he is. And we never had a problem talking to each other, like friends are friends, right?

Anyway so we had this deal, if he was still around in a year or two or whenever I get serious about anything, we'd probably date then.

Yeah, except he went and got engaged today.

It's funny, actually. I mean, not funny, just interesting. I'm really excited for A. and this girl, Rebecca is really sweet, and Dee's excited, so that's all of us that are happy, and now I've just got to find another friend who'd be willing to fill in my backup slot. (LOL. As if. I'm such a bitch. )

It's just - uhm, how shall I say? A liddle nudge? Because I'm coasting along, my friends are coasting along, we're all pretty much taking it easy. You forget (I forget) that some of us are just cruising because there's no other option. Some of us want to speed up and move on. A. is one of those, I guess. I'm not.

So tonight I went to my friend's engagement party. It's kind of like watching your understudy play your role, only in another gig. It makes you wonder whether you should start getting serious about life and stuff.

Nah. Dat shit ain't for me yet.