Today they put up the surveillance cameras in our new office facility, and I am in the cross-section between three of them. None are actually focused on me or my workstation, but they are not fixed and at anytime I could look up to find a beady black camera eye staring at me. The camera network is Joe's baby; they are digital and all over the place.

The worker putting them up is young, cute. He sees the look on my face and winks, Yeah, Hon, this job ain't gonna be fun no more. My manager jokes about it, he says that all three will be trained on me, face, profile and screen. They can't get enough cameras on you. Joe wants to make sure you're not having fun.

Joe. Joe Joe Joe. Joe is a friend-slash-boss, how awkward is this? It is getting there, I can feel it coming.

Today? Took my lunch break late, passed Joe sitting in the reception area. He puts his hand up to his ear, Call me he says. It's dinner, or a walk, or a fake urgent meeting in his office. It is let's just chat. Here comes complication; I can feel it.