Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 9, 1966, and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. Goofy as a child, Sandler never really contempated being a comedian until age 17 when his brother dared him to perform at a Boston comedy club.

He continued to perform after he left Boston to attend NYU and after graduation became a regular on MTV's game show, "Remote Control". He starred in his first film, Going Overboard, in 1989, and later became a Saturday Night Live cast member during the 1990-91 season, creating such characters as "Cajun Man," "Opera Man" and "Canteen Boy".

His first comedy album, the Grammy-nominated They're All Gonna Laugh At You, became an instant hit and expanded his fan base among young people through offensive songs and sketches such as his infamous "Thanksgiving Song" and his hilarious Chanukah Song.

Throughout the '90s, Sandler became a ubiquitous presence on screen in films like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy; and on record - What The Hell Happened To Me, What's Your Name and Stan and Judy's Kid. Even though some critics give Adam's movies bad reviews, the fans still come out to see his movies. He's funny, a cult hero if you might say.

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