While I'm certainly not above agreeing to disagree, I find the notion of a backup in love simply disturbing. How can you really consider yourself involved with someone if you are busy looking over your shoulder? Perhaps it is more worth evaluating how it is that you know that love of your life so little that they can transform into the Ex from Hell without a moment's notice?

It seems that this opposes the entire notion of love, IMHO. I can see the desire to protect yourself from heartbreak, I'm familiar with it and certainly don't blame anyone else for wanting to avoid pain. However, if this is a primary element of your relationship, perhaps you should examine why you are in a relationship with this person in the first place, instead of keeping someone else handy to boost your soon-to-be-deflated ego.

Perhaps this falls into the realm of other things I've never really understood, like people who seem feel they must be dating someone else at all times to be whole. Again, just my opinion, but I think healthy relationships start with yourself, not with self-completion from outside. The notion of a 'love backup' seems like just another way of avoiding taking a long look in the mirror and thinking about what you see.

I'm not digging on anyone else, just stating my opinion. If you are really happy with a system like this, than far be it from me to tell you otherwise. I've never been a fan of casual relationship either, but that doesn't mean I place judgement on people who are. However, if such defense measures are required, perhaps something else is wrong, in a greater and deeper way than just another ex in the can..

Hmm. I just finished this as the last showed up, so.. nevertheless..