Today, in AP European, we did the most least interesting thing so far this year.

We had been building up for it all year -- it was hyped from day one, by our teacher, and previous students. It was Napoleon Day. We went outside, all 15 of us, into the cold snow (or lack of it -- read more later), and re-enacted Napoleon's battles against the Russians in the winter of the early 1800s.

If you know any history, Napoleon attacked Russia, and they continually fell back until Napoleon reached Moscow. However by that time it was winter, and they were too far away from supplies and stuck in summer clothing... so they got killed, both by the winter and the Russian armies. Hitler did the same thing. Of the 700,000 French troops that entered Russia, only 20,000 came back.

We didn't re-enact the battles exactly (of course we couldn't; no one was going to get killed). We didn't expect to. But what was supposed to be the most fun day of the year turned out to be a big flop. There was almost no snow on the ground, and what little was there didn't pack well either -- so there were no snowball fights. Also, we were only outside for 10 minutes or so... we were expecting a full period of snowy fun.

So much for expectations.