Yoshiki Takaya is the author and very talented illustrator of the great manga Guyver : Bio-Booster Armor.

During college, he and his friends formed a fan fiction magazine called "PEN Touch". He left the group a few months later, complaining that "Their goal was not to draw but discuss!" When he was 22, he dropped out of college and went to study with fantasy and science fiction illustrator Yuichi Mochizuki. Takaya says the best thing he learned from Mochizuki was how to draw "really gross-looking things". At age 24, Takaya joined the weekly monthly magazine Shonen Captain. The editors of the magazine told him they wanted an armored hero that was "grotesque". At this time, mecha was becoming more and more popular, so he designed a sleek, plain mobile suit which could be called upon by the user.

The Guyver was born.

The Japanese manga (which is complete) is in 16 volumes, each with a different collectible paper bookmark. Viz Comics has put their translation on what they call "indefinite hold", and are only up to Volume 7. This is probably due to the fact a lot of fans have complained that the meaning and continuity of Takaya's original story got lost somewhere in translation.