Yamato is the name of the battleship in Starblazers. In Japan it goes by the name "Uchuu Senkan Yamato", (Space Crusier Yamato) but in America is called the Argo. Built from the wreckage of the Japanese WWII battleship Yamato in the year 2202, it was the first Earth ship to surpass the speed of light. It is the main battleship of the Earth Defense Fleet. The captain of the Yamato is Captain Avatar in Quest for Iscandar. After Avatar's death, Derek Wildstar takes over the post. The crew of the Yamato is called the Star Force, and their courage and bravery impresses everyone they encounter.

The Yamato sports a wide variety of weapons. The two main are its shock cannons and the wave motion gun. It is also equipped with anti-aircraft laser pulse guns, bow and stern torpedo ports, anti-missle screen gun, a asteroid polarity shield, and a reflective force field. It also has a barrage of laser guns along the top bow and stern of the ship. The wave motion gun is powered by the wave motion engine, and leaves the ship defenseless for about a minute before and after it fires.

The Yamato seems to have an ability to take heavy damage but still keep on fighting. In the Japanese version, the fighting spirit of the old Yamato is what keeps the new Yamato running. The spirit of the crew is also vital to the ship.

Length = 265.8 m
Width = 34.6 m
Height= 77 m
Missles = Countermeasure missles, side assault missles,stack missles.
Airpower = Black Tiger space fighter squadron