On a related note, at some date in the distant past too long ago for me to remember exactly when, I had a dream...

After a long night of chasing bugs, I slept very soundly, but just before I woke up, I had a lucid dream.

In my dream, I was sitting at a terminal, in the editor vi, paging up and down through the code of the program I had been working on just before I went to sleep. It was very realistic. I was going through the code looking for the bug I had been chasing the night before. While looking for the bug, I noticed some fishy code -- and found a different bug in a section of code I had not even started testing.

At that point, I woke up, logged in, found the section of code, and sure enough...the bug I wasn't looking for was there!

And people think scary movies and spicy food give wierd dreams.

I've had lucid dreams since then, similar to this, but nothing quite as vivid, successful, or unexpected.