The classic Beagle Boys of comic book fame were a much larger gang than those represented in DuckTales. Hundreds of Beagle Boys were sometimes seen at once. In the canonical Scrooge McDuck stories (I refer to the ones by Carl Barks) the Beagles were always identical in appearance, but often had different specialties (for instance, one might be an expert in Egyptology). Furthermore, the Beagles always sported six-number identifications in the form nnn-nnn, using almost exclusively the digits 1, 6, and 7. The Beagles did not have nicknames -- they even referred to each other by number.

The Beagles' existence consisted of hatching grand plans to steal Scrooge's wealth. These plans were usually quite cunning and the Beagles even partially succeeded on several occasions, but of course Scrooge was back in possession of his money bin and other assets by the end of the comic.