Massively cool author of a collection of "juvenile" sci-fi books. Most of the ones I've read have main characters which are young men, 14-18 years old, who end up getting involved in some abnormality or technological alteration of space-time that they've somehow stumbled upon. I daresay he might be something of a Neo-luddite, and he certainly seems to have a fascination with dualism. Sleator's books were intriguing when I was in 4th grade, and I find upon re-reading them now that they're a refreshing change from the kind of literature that "educated college folk" such as myself are supposed to read. They have cute little story lines, complete with happy endings and interesting ways of looking at reality, and they only take a couple of hours to read.

Sleator's works include*:

* probably reverse chronological order, certainly as they're listed inside Others See Us