Jump On In

Toes curling around the edge, he weighed up his choices. The height made his eyes swim. For a second, a laugh began to creep up his throat; the vibration in his abdomen threatening to remove his chance to choose. A shudder this high up would make the decision without the courtesy of further reference.

No one finds their work satisfying or interesting.
That's not what you can expect from employment.
It's death and taxes all the way, my friend.
Do you think you're special or something?
That's snowboarding mate, not work.

Hanging ten. Why had a surfing move snuck into his head? A distraction attempt: best not to think when the going gets tough. Fill your mind with games, chitter-chatter, idle nonsense, uncompleted projects, piles of washing up. Easy stuff, risk-free.

Who will deal with this if you stop?
What you do now is amazing!
Think about the others.
Why put yourself first?

A snatched glance into the chasm, and he toyed with just stepping off. How bad could it be? Rocks began to float into view. Jagged, tearing, bone-splintering boulders. With each second he became more and more convinced that he could hear them growing. Or groaning. Was panic making it feel like both?

If you're sure, then the choice is really up to you.
I suppose it's your life – do what you like to it.
I can't say I understand why you asked.
Did you just want validation?

He squeezed his eyes firmly shut.